A Better World is Just Around the Corner

The proposition that "A better world is just around the corner, and people working in local government have an opportunity and obligation to help make it arrive sooner." is part of the LGAM Philosophy.

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Arguments for the Proposition

  1. A post scarcity society is possible in the not-to-distant future. We have sufficient raw materials. There could be short term shortages of helium and some rare earths, but given sufficient energy, knowledge & will most materials can be recycled, and there is a lot of matter in the solar system that will eventually be accessible. We have enough energy sources - solar, geothermal, nuclear (fission & hopefully fusion). Our knowledge is currently insufficient to the task, but it is increasing steadily. We need to do everything we can to increase our rate of knowledge acquisition. Free and open sharing of knowledge is the answer.

Arguments against the Proposition

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