The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base is a Wikipedia-like encyclopedia of Local Government related knowledge. It has been up-and-running since October 2008 and contains over 5000 pages of information.

All of the information on the site is published under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Licence, which means it can be freely re-used and adapted.

The main philosophy of the site is that openly sharing knowledge & ideas and is good for individuals, Councils and Australia, and that openly sharing knowledge & ideas is easy.

It is hoped that the LGAM Knowledge Base will:
a) become a place where people with an interest in local government related topics can pool their knowledge and collaboratively develop better ways of doing things, thereby providing a better service to ratepayers.
b) help any Councils interested in developing their own encyclopedic knowledge base by providing generic content with which to seed it.


One of the goals of the site is to try to document the terminology & acronyms used by local government across Australia & New Zealand. The individual content pages tackle these terms in depth often with pictures and usually with a few links to references, but as a quick reference there is also a glossary that is automatically compiled from the first paragraph of the more detailed articles.

The glossary currently contains about 700 definitions, and it is still growing.

Photo Library

The photo library is a collection of photos of of local government assets & activities. There are well over a hundred photos in the library.

Bundaberg_Regional_Landfill_Wheel_Wash.jpg Shoulder-Grading.jpg Slipform3.JPG Flood1.JPG Austroads-Delamination-3.jpg Splitter-Island.jpg
Bikeway1.jpg hughes-road-floodway-2.JPG Alexandra_Park_Picnic_Shelter_behind_Fenery_038.jpg Major-Edge-Break.JPG Bundaberg-Ring-Road-Culvert.jpg Arts_Centre_002.jpg

Many of the photos in the photo library have been released to the public domain. One of the main usage cases for the photos are as asset condition examples, but they can be used for any purpose.


The easiest way to get involved in the site is via the forum. There are two ways to participate in the forum, by clicking on the link in the side menu or clicking the discuss button at the bottom of any page.

Council Pages

Every Council in Australia and New Zealand has a dedicated page, containing some basic general information. Another easy way to contribute to the site is to add a couple of lines about your council.


As of 29 April 2016, the site has been visited on more than 788,000 occasions and just under 1.6 million pages have been viewed.


As of 29 April 2016, 1093 people had become members of the site.


The site is very easy to find using any of the major search engines. Typing "LGAM" into any of them should do the trick. What's more there are quite a few pages on the site that are now the No.1 Google search result for local government related terms.

Try typing any of the terms below into Google, and check out the results.

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If you have any questions about the site feel free to contact the site administrator, Wayne Eddy.

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