Asset Management Checklist

Below is a simple checklist of questions you should consider asking yourself if you manage infrastructure assets. Please feel free to add to the list.

  • Do you have an Asset Management Strategy?
  • Do you have Asset Management Plans?
  • Have you documented your asset management practices?
  • Do you know the location of each of your assets, with enough detail to unambiguously identify them?
  • Do you have a list of all the legislation impacting on the management of assets in your state?
  • Have you documented all of your asset management related outputs?
  • Have you documented what you would like your asset management systems to be able to do?
  • Are you confident that the data stored in your asset register is correct?
  • Are you confident that all of the assets you are responsible for have been entered into your asset management system?
  • Have the responsibilities for assets & asset management related tasks within your organisation been clearly defined?
  • Have the asset management terms used within your organisation been clearly defined?
  • Are developers aware of the information you would like them to provide when they hand assets over to Council?
  • Do you have a Capital Works Evaluation Framework in place?
  • Are you keeping up-to-date with the latest asset management related; technologies, theories and practices?
  • Do you have a system for improving your asset management practices?
  • Are you making the best possible use of everyone's knowledge?
  • Are you maximising value for effort by minimising duplication of effort?
  • Is it easy to find the information you need to answer questions and make good decisions?
  • Are you able to clearly explain to your ratepayers the cost and funding implications of various service levels?
  • Do you look for ways of automating or eliminating mundane tasks?
  • Do you look for ways to anticipate future needs?
  • Do you look to understand the real underlying reasons for what you do?
  • Do you monitor how accurate past predictions have been and seek to ensure future predictions are more accurate?

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