Business Improvement Checklist
  1. Create a business improvement checklist, and refer to it regularly.
  2. Set up a wiki to document what you know about your business/project.
  3. Document your processes and procedures.
  4. Confirm that your documented processes & procedures are clear and easily understood. If they are not clear and easily understood, redraft them.
  5. Identify your customers.
  6. Ask your customers what they want - create a customer wish list.
  7. Compile a list of business improvement techniques & management tools.
  8. Sign up to an internet forum / discussion group about topics related to your business/project. Ask questions. Give opinions.
  9. Clarify your goals - draft or revisit your vision statement or mission statement on a regular basis.
  10. Make a list of barriers to improvement & business improvement ideas. Document as much as you can about them.
  11. Analyse your improvement ideas - list pros and cons, and solicit comment from a wide range of people.
  12. Compile a list of stakeholders in your business/project, and think about/document how they can help you.
  13. Prioritise your improvement ideas.
  14. Select an appropriate improvement technique and apply it to the highest priority improvement idea.
  15. Measure your performance.
  16. Create a To Do List and refer to it regularly.
  17. Collect and retell stories about successes and failures.
  18. Use Plain English.

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