Car Parking

Car Parking can refer to both the act of parking a car and to a physical car park.


Parking is the act of maneuvering a vehicle into a designated parking spot and leaving it there for a period of time. The term is also used indicate that the parking of a vehicle is permissible in a certain location.


Councils are typically responsible for ensuring that there are sufficient number of parking spaces available throughout a municipality to serve the needs of residents and visitors. This may be accomplished by:

  • providing on-street parking;
  • constructing off-street car parks;
  • requiring that developments include enough parking spaces to serve their tennants and/or customers;
  • setting and enforcing parking restrictions.

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Car Park

A car park is a cleared area that is more or less level and is intended for parking vehicles. The term is used to describe both individual spaces, and an area set aside for a large number of vehicles.


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