Change Management

Change Management is a structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state.

Reasons people resist change

  1. The risks associated with the proposed change are felt to be greater than the risks associated with the status quo
  2. The stated benefits of the change are outweighed by the effort required to enact the change
  3. Loyalty to those who developed the current system
  4. Insufficient evidence that the change has been successfully implemented elsewhere
  5. A fear of not being capable of handling a new or modified role
  6. A healthy skepticism that the new way is actually better than the old
  7. The payback time of the change is too far into the future
  8. Skepticism about the motives of the of individuals promoting the change
  9. A suspicion or knowledge that the change will result in a loss of status, autonomy or income
  10. Change fatigue (previous changes have not been successful)
  11. Fear of the unknown / Lack of certainty

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