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The URL of the Exor web site is http://www.exorcorp.com
Exor offers a Commercial Off The Shelf asset management solution custom configured tailored to individual user agency needs. The software is modular allowing an agency to add additional capabilities as needed. The system was developed to address the needs of large agency users typical of state agencies. More recently, the same software has been moved to a hosted and managed service where the same robustness and functionality is available for smaller agencies who might not otherwise have the capabilities of in-house support, hardware and enterprise software.

At the core of the Exor system is the HUB and Asset Register. The HUB includes location referencing and integration capabilities. Location referencing includes points, lines, and polygon features and assets. The features and assets can be location spatially or referenced to a spatial location and thus represented in data and on a web-based map. Some special features are enabled for linear features such as roads, footpaths, pipes, etc. These special features include the assignment of assets to the linear location, maintenance of the asset as the linear features change (such as road alignments) with programmatic updates releasing the responsibility of all asset locations from the end user. No Exor data is deleted and thus is maintained for historical purposes such as review of asset and data for legal issues and the like. The HUB can use information about assets stored inside the Exor system or asset information stored in other legacy systems.

The asset register consists of user defined asset modelling custom configured for users. Assets are located against point, lines, and polygons. When assets are located against linear features, their location across time is maintained and edited programatically as discussed above. Assets can be represented spatially through the web-based mapping system included as part of the Exor product.

Other products and functionalities include:

Asset Valuation Management
Maintenance Management
Safety Management
Public Enquiry Management
Full GIS with linear reference and spatial editing
Schemes Management - the asset management plan repository
Interfaces to financial and contractor systems

other modules specifically designed for specialised assets

All modules work from the hosted and managed service or can be installed on a local area network.

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