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HI, I am Riya Jonas, and I am studying at College of Contract Management online. I am studying part time and working as a civil engineer. i found this forum randomly. but when i got here i saw so many valuable informations here.

Re: Introduce Yourself by RiyajonasRiyajonas, 10 Sep 2020 10:01
Asset Hierarchy
PaturPatur 10 Jul 2020 11:49
in discussion General / Questions » Asset Hierarchy

Hello everyone
I would like to ask you if you have any information or experiences
creating asset hierarchy for drilling equipment. the expected output is to establish
the asset hierarchy such as
- asset categorisation (main equipment, sub equipment etc)
- have clear definition which are asset and sparepar/consumables
- finding good criteria of asset classification such as maintainability, material, durability etc.

I hope, anyone could help me give some advise to complete my first assignment.

thank you and regards,

Asset Hierarchy by PaturPatur, 10 Jul 2020 11:49

Hi Graeme,

I've used the old Civica assets module, but not the budget module. I'm not 100% sure if we use the budget module here (at Manningham), but I will check with the Finance Team and get back to you with their comments.

If you send an email to ua.vog.civ.mahgninnam|yddE.enyaW#ua.vog.civ.mahgninnam|yddE.enyaW so I have your contact details, I will get back to you that way.



Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
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Re: Budgeting Tools by Wayne EddyWayne Eddy, 15 May 2019 06:17

Looking for advice regarding budgeting tools. We have Civica Authority and the budget module but do not currently use it. Does anyone have experience of using the Authority budgeting tool and, if so, how did you find it? Are there any tips or advice for using it? Are there other, better, budgeting tools that can be integrated with Authority? What is the general experience and what budgeting tools do you use?

Any information would be gratefully received.

Thanks, Graeme

Budgeting Tools by Graeme TowersGraeme Towers, 14 May 2019 23:28

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Isabel Jason

Hi Steve, Not sure if the group still meets. I moved back to Victoria years ago. Try contacting Bruce Janke at Bundaberg Regional Council - he might know.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
LGAM Knowledge Base
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Hello anyone listening,
is this special interest group still active?


TdhNet is a free, full featured hydraulic model for water systems that run on MS Windows and Linux. The TdhNet API allows 3rd party software to access much of the functionality provided by TdhNet.

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like additional information.

Kind Regards,
Tim Hirrel, P.E.

I attended a meeting about the "Internet of Things" earlier this week at Brimbank City Council and there was a fair bit of interest from those attending with respect to identifying Local Government relevant IoT applications. There was also a suggestion that we should set up "an online info-sharing forum" about the topic. The forum here isn't getting a lot of use lately, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to offer for LGAM to host the forum.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
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Internet of Things by Wayne EddyWayne Eddy, 01 Mar 2018 22:16

I'm really keen to set up a Local Government Collaboration Day. A day on which people working for Councils all around Australia would be encouraged to spend a few hours online communicating & collaborating with each other, in order to:

I know there are numerous people at every Council that are passionate about sharing their knowledge with their peers at other Councils, and that they are doing this in a myriad of ways. Sharing knowledge in a lot of different ways is a great thing, but it makes it difficult to know where the best place to share and/or look for information on a particular topic is. I think by nominating a particular date and time and encouraging the sharers at each Council to communicate with each other and share their stories about how they share is the first step towards untangling the maze that is local government collaboration and giving people a much better understanding the over all sharing ecosystem currently in place. I also think having a lot of people trying to collaborate at a single point in time will create a huge 'buzz' that will improve day to day collaboration from then on.

I'm thinking that the first Friday in November might work for a number of reasons, but I'd like to hear what other people think.

I also I wonder if the "Local Government Collaboration Day Network" we create can be used for other purposes? In particular, if 3 November 2017 gets off the ground and is a success, I'd like to arc up the network again on Future Day - 1 March 2018 and use it to reach out to an even wider audience - an audience of people in our communities who are passionate about the future and try to use their and our knowledge to a conduct a really in depth discussion about the future of local government and how advances in technology will effect us into the future and how we should apply it to build a better world.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
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I've been on the Creative Commons band wagon for quite a while now, but I'm not sure that I've ever been particularly good at explaining to others why.
In responding to an email this morning I think I managed to put my thoughts together on the topic in a fairly coherent manner and I'd like to share those thoughts.

For me the most interesting and important part of a CC licence is the “Sharealike” aspect. If you publish something under Sharealike licence, derivative works must also be published under a sharealike licence. That is if someone takes a document that I've published under a sharealike licence and then adds to it or improves it, if they publish it, they have to publish it under a sharealike licence too.

Now, if a few people benefit from my work directly that’s OK.

But, if people benefit from my work AND the work of the people who have benefited from my work that's even better.

BUT, if people benefit from my work AND the work of the people who have benefited from my work AND the work of the people who have benefited from the work of the people who have benefited from my work - that's a chain reaction of benefit that has the potential to change the world.

That's why I use creative commons and advocate for others to do so too.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
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Hi Ben,

I'll definitely be interested to hear your opinion on AMPs. I am reviewing the City of Whittlesea's AMPs right now, so it is good timing.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
LGAM Knowledge Base
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Hi Ben,

I suspect a lot of Asset Management Systems around now would be capable of doing 90% of the things identified in the spec. Like a lot of things on the site, I was hoping that others would contribute to it and improve it over time, but it hasn't had much done to it in a long while. Still, I hope it is at least a good checklist for anyone thinking of developing their own specification.

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
LGAM Knowledge Base
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Do you know if anyone has ever gotten close to an AMS with the kind of functionality listed in the Functional Specification page?

Hi Leila,

I'm curious as the outcomes of your benchmarking study. Was a report ever worked up?

I have particular feelings about AMPs. I'm going to attempt to read through all of the amazing work you've done on this website Wayne and get back to you on this.

Hi Wayne!

I realise that this post is over six years old now, but I'm hoping you're still active on this website and will see this response. I believe that this vision is closer now to a reality than most asset managers think. For example, the technology exists through which big datasets on asset condition can be efficiently updated and statistical techniques used to draw correlations between the variables (including some you've mentioned above), and asset condition through time.

Are you still actively involved in managing this website? I'd love to send you a personal email to explain.

The photo library contains well over 200 photos now, but if every site member contributed just one or two photos that would become over 2000 photos. I've asked for people to donate photos before without much success, but it just occurred to me that it's probably because I haven't been specific enough about the sort of photo that would be useful. What I'd really like to beef up the library with is photos that show activities commonly carried out by local councils.

Below is a list of infrastructure related activities which hopefully gives you an ideas of the sort of photos I'm looking for.

Asset Data Collection

Asphalt Patching
Asphalt Regulation
Crack Sealing
Road Culvert Maintenance
Road Culvert Repairs
Dust Suppression
Edge Patching
Edge Trimming
Footpath Construction
Footpath Inspection
Footpath Maintenance
Footpath Sweeping
Guidepost and Delineator Maintenance
Isolated Pavement Repairs
Kerb and Channel Cleaning
Kerb and Channel Repairs
Land Slip Clearing
Line and Pavement Marking
Minor Road Surface Treatment
Off Street Car Park Rehabilitation
Pavement Cleaning
Pothole Patching
Rest Area Maintenance
Road Construction
Road Maintenance
Road Rehabilitation
Road Resurfacing
Road Shoulder Maintenance
Roadside Grass and Weed Control
Roadside Litter Collection
Roadside Maintenance
Roadside Mowing
Roadside Vegetation Management
Shoulder Grading
Snow Clearing
Street Sweeping
Street Tree Planting
Surface Drain and Verge Maintenance
Traffic Control
Traffic Management
Unsealed Road Grading
Unsealed Road Maintenance
Bollard Repairs
Bus Shelter Cleaning
Bus Shelter Maintenance
Bus Shelter Replacement
Guard Rail Repairs
Street Bin Litter Collection
Street Furniture Maintenance
Street Furniture Repairs
Street Furniture Replacement

Bridge Cleaning
Bridge Construction
Bridge Parapet Maintenance
Bridge Renewal
Bridge Structural Repairs
Level One Bridge Inspections
Level Two Bridge Inspections
Minor Bridge Repairs

Air-Conditioner Servicing
Building Hazard and Defect Inspection
Building Security
Building Surroundings Maintenance
Ceiling Fan Repairs
Facility Lighting Maintenance
Gutter Cleaning
Kitchen Maintenance
Repair of Cracked Walls
Roof Maintenance
Skylight Maintenance
Termite Treatment
Toilet Repairs
Window Repairs
Building Management
Facilities Planning
Facility Maintenance
Heritage Building Preservation
Public Toilet Cleaning
Public Toilet Opening and Closing

Culvert Maintenance
Culvert Repairs
Drain Cleaning
Drainage Asset Data Collection
Drainage Asset Data Entry
Drainage Improvement Works
Drainage Pit Cleaning
Drainage Pit Inspections
Gross Pollutant Trap Cleaning
Gross Pollutant Trap Repairs
Open Drain Maintenance
Root Cutting
Stormwater Drainage Design
Stormwater Management
Stormwater Pipe Repairs
Stormwater Pit Repairs
Subsurface Drain Maintenance
Surface Drain and Verge Maintenance
WSUD Infrastructure Maintenance

Barbecue Servicing
Edge Trimming
Garden Bed Maintenance
Irrigation System Maintenance
Lawn Mowing / Grass Slashing
Playground Maintenance
Sports Facility Maintenance
Tree Maintenance
Tree Planting

So if you have any photos of these tasks or any other local government related tasks being performed, and would be happy to share them with your peers at other Councils, please drop me a line and let me know at either ua.vog.aeselttihw|erw#ua.vog.aeselttihw|erw or moc.liamg|riafnekrad#moc.liamg|riafnekrad

Wayne Eddy
Melbourne, Australia
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Wanted Photos by Wayne EddyWayne Eddy, 10 Mar 2017 03:22

Whitehorce City Council wishes to engage a suitably qualified and experienced consultant(s) to undertake various activities connected to the development of the Whitehorse Municipal Public Health and Wellbeing Plan, in collaboration with key Council staff. For further information, including the Project Brief, please contact Bronwyn Upston, Health and Wellbeing Officer, Community Development on 9262 7527 or ua.vog.civ.esrohetihw|notspu.nywnorB#ua.vog.civ.esrohetihw|notspu.nywnorB We acknowledge the tight timelines. Please feel free to circulate this notice.

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