Glossary of Roads & Transport Terms

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Unsealed Road - An unsealed road is a road lacking a wearing surface. Unsealed roads are typically found in rural areas.

Urban Arterial Road - An urban arterial road is a road that provides the main basis for public and private movements of persons and goods in urban areas.

Wearing Course - A wearing course (also wearing surface and pavement surfacing) is the topmost layer of a road pavement. The term is typically used when the top layer is of the road is quite thick - brick pavers, asphalt, concrete, etc. If the road is covered with a sprayed seal or a thin asphalt overlay, the term wearing surface is more frequently used.

Wearing Surface - The wearing surface (also Wearing Course) is the top layer of a sealed road. It is specifically designed to resist abrasion from traffic and to minimise the entry of water.

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