Glossary of Roads & Transport Terms

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Bollard - A bollard is a post designed to act as a barrier to traffic.

Bridge - A bridge is a structure built to span a gorge, valley, road, railroad track, river, body of water, or any other physical obstacle.

California Bearing Ratio - The California Bearing Ratio (CBR) is a penetration test for evaluation of the mechanical strength of road subgrades and basecourses. It was developed by the California Department of Transportation.

Car Park - A car park is a cleared area that is more or less level and is intended for parking vehicles. The term is used to describe both individual spaces, and an area set aside for a large number of vehicles.

Carriageway - The carriageway is that portion of the road formation, including lanes, auxiliary lanes and shoulders that is set aside for the use of vehicles, either moving or stationary.

Carriageway Width - The Carriageway Width is the width of road including shoulders and auxiliary lanes devoted to the use of vehicles.

Causeway - A causeway is a raised carriageway across wet or low areas or across tidal water.

Chicane - A chicane is a traffic management device characterised by a reduction of the trafficable width of a road as a result of either a change in kerb & channel alignment or the placement of a traffic island on one or both sides or the road carriageway.

Chip Seal - Chip Seal -> Sprayed Seal

Collector Road - A collector road is a non-arterial road that collects and distributes traffic in an area as well as serving abutting property.

Collector Street - A collector street is a street providing for local residential access and collection of traffic from access places and/or access streets.

Collector-Distributor Road - A Collector-Distributor Road is an auxiliary road, separated laterally from, but generally parallel to, a through road and joining it at a limited number of points. The road serves to collect traffic from and distribute traffic to several local roads.

Communal Street - A communal street is a carriageway providing access to a housing development and which is under the control of a body corporate or equivalent.

Congestion Travel Index - The Congestion Travel Index (CGI) is a measure of traffic congestion. CGI is measured in "minutes of delay per km of travel". A CGI of zero represents uncongested free-flowing conditions. The higher the indicator, the greater the degree of congestion.

Court - The term court has a few different meanings, but the most common local government usage is probably as a synonym for cul-de-sac, i.e. a dead-end street with only one inlet/outlet.

Crack Sealing - Crack Sealing is the process of sealing cracks in sealed roads with a hot polymer/rubberised bitumen sealant.

Cracking - Cracking is the presence of cracks in a road surface or a range of other civil structures and infrastructure assets.

Crocodile Cracking - Crocodile Cracking is interconnecting or interlaced cracking in a road seal resembling the hide of a crocodile. Cell sizes can vary in size up to 300mm across, but are typically less than 150mm across. Crocodile Cracking is often a sign of pavement failure.

Cul-de-sac - A cul-de-sac (also court & close) is a dead-end street with only one inlet/outlet.

Cycleway - A cycleway is a special road, route, or path intended for use by cyclists. (Bicycle lanes along the side of a road are not cycleways)

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