Glossary of Roads & Transport Terms

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Declared Road - A Declared Road is a road declared to be a highway, main road or secondary road, etc, under an act of parliament.

Distributor Road - A distributor road is a road that dispersed traffic into or within a local area.

Divided Road - A Divided Road is a road in which the two directions of traffic are separated by a central barrier or a median.

Driverless Car - [[include driverless-vehicle]]

Driveway - A driveway (also vehicular access) is a (typically) short section of private road connecting a residence or similar structure to the public road network.

Edge Break - An Edge Break is a broken or irregular edge of a road wearing surface.

Edge Drop-off - An edge drop-off is road geometry defect where the vertical distance from the edge of seal to the adjacent shoulder exceeds acceptable limits.

Emulsion Seal - An Emulsion Seal is a type of surface treatment. An emulsion seal is very similar to a standard sprayed seal but the bitumen-water emulsion can be successfully used at lower temperatures.

Falling Weight Deflectometer - A falling weight deflectometer is a device used to evaluate the physical properties of road pavement.

Final Seal - A Final Seal is a sprayed seal applied over the top of a primerseal about a year after the initial construction of a road pavement.

Fire Access Track - A fire access track is a track that is designed, constructed and maintained for the safe passage of fire fighting vehicles undertaking fire suppression activities.

Flexible Pavement - A flexible pavement is a road pavement with a structure that deflects, or flexes, under loading. A flexible pavement structure is typically composed of several layers of material. Each layer receives the loads from the above layer, spreads them out, then passes on these loads to the next layer below.

Flushing - Flushing (also Bleeding) is the partial or complete immersion of aggregate into the bituminous binder causing low texture depth and inadequate skid resistance.

Footpath - A footpath is a strip of concrete, asphalt, pavers, bitumen seal or crushed rock laid between the back of kerb and the property boundary (or elsewhere) for use as a path by pedestrians.

Footpath Grinding - Footpath Grinding is a maintenance activity involving grinding down of exposed footpath lips with a mechanical grinder.

Formation - In civil engineering formation means "the surface of finished earthworks, excluding cut or fill batters."

Formed Road - A formed road is an unsealed road that has been shaped by a grader but has not been constructed with imported rock.

Freeway - A freeway is a type of divided road with no access for traffic between interchanges and with grade separation at all intersections.

Gravel Resheeting - Gravel Resheeting is the process of applying a layer of gravel (usually about 150mm) to a section of unsealed road.

Gravel Road - A gravel road is an unsealed road constructed with imported rock.

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