Glossary of Roads & Transport Terms

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Temporary Road Closure - A Temporary Road Closure is the temporary restriction of vehicular access to a road.

Thoroughfare - A thoroughfare is public street that is open to traffic at both ends.

Traffic Congestion - Traffic Congestion is a problem associated with road networks that occurs as use increases, and is characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased queueing.

Traffic Control Device - A Traffic Control Device (also traffic management device) is any sign, signal, pavement marking or device placed or erected for the purpose of regulating, warning or directing traffic and/or pedestrians.

Traffic Count - A traffic count is a count of vehicular traffic using a road. Traffics counts can be carried out either electronically or manually by people counting by the side of the road.

Traffic Counter - A traffic counter is a device, used to count, classify, and/or, measure the speed of vehicular traffic passing along a given roadway.

Traffic Island - A Traffic Island is a defined area, usually at an intersection, from which vehicular traffic is excluded. It is used to control vehicular movements and as a pedestrian refuge.

Traffic Lane - A traffic lane is a portion of a road carriageway allocated for the use of a single line of vehicles.

Traffic Light - A Traffic Light (or traffic signal) is an electronic device positioned at a road intersection or pedestrian crossing that regulates the flow of traffic through the intersection or at the crossing by variously displaying to motorists and pedestrians either; a red, amber or green light (or symbol), indicating which vehicles and/or pedestrians have right of way at a particular point in time.

Traffic Sign - A traffic sign (also Traffic Control Sign) is a sign, board, plate, screen, or another device, whether or not illuminated, displaying words, figures, symbols or anything else to regulate, direct or warn road users.

Traffic Survey - A traffic survey is a survey undertaken to determine the volume and/or nature of traffic utilising a particular route. A traffic survey can be manual or automatic.

Trafficable Width - The trafficable width of a road is equal to;

  1. the seal width or surfaced width or;
  2. in the case of a sealed road with edge lines the distance between the inside edges of the painted edge lines.

Transport Engineering - Transport Engineering is the science of safe and efficient movement of people and goods. It encompasses research, policy development, planning, design, implementation, operation and management of all modes of travel, be that by road (including motorised and non motorised travel), rail, water or air, and interfaces between these modes and with other land uses.

Transverse Cracking - Transverse Cracking is an unconnected crack that runs across a road pavement, perpendicular to the direction of the road.

Trunk Collector Street - A trunk collector street is a street connecting the internal street network of a residential subdivision with the external arterial road network, thus providing a specialised form of connection at locations where it is desirable to concentrate local traffic to an outlet, but not to attract through traffic.

Trunk Road - A Trunk Road is a road classification within the Tasmanian Road Hierarchy. Its is a primary freight or passenger road connecting Tasmania.

Two Coat Seal - A two coat seal is a road surface treatment consisting of a layer of bitumen with large aggregate that is sealed over with another layer of bitumen with smaller aggregate.

Underground Service - An underground service is an underground pipe or cable installed by a utility / service authority. Public underground services are often located within the road reserve or Easement, and need to be taken into account when carrying out roadworks or any other excavation works.

Undivided Road - An Undivided Road is a road with no physical separation or median between opposing flows of traffic.

Unformed Road - An Unformed Road (also Unmade Road and Unconstructed Road) is a road that has not been improved or shaped in significant way.

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