LGAM Member Update

Hi all,

The Local Government & Municipal Knowledge Base has grown considerably in the last 12 months, and I thought it was about time I sent LGAM site members (and a few others that I believe may be interested in the site & information sharing) an update. I am/will be sending similar newsletters to your Council's generic e-mail addresses so please forgive me if you end up receiving this twice.

I am planning to send out updates every six months, so if you would rather not receive them, let me know and I will delete you from the distribution list.

On the other hand if you know of anyone else that would appreciate a regular update about the site let me know and I will add them to the list.


There are now almost 3,000 pages on the site.


One of the goals of the site is to try to document the terminology & acronyms used by local government across Australia. The individual content pages tackle these terms in depth often with pictures and usually with a few links to references, but as a quick reference there is also a glossary that is automatically compiled from the first paragraph of the more detailed articles.

The glossary currently contains about 550 definitions, and it is growing rapidly, and for anyone who wants to access it offline it is also available in the following three formats;

Photo Library

The photo library was started in response to a suggestion that a collection of photos of assets in a range of conditions would assist councils that were in the process of developing asset condition assessment manuals. There are already few dozen photos in the library, and more than 100 other photos of typical Council assets & activities uploaded to the site.

Bundaberg_Regional_Landfill_Wheel_Wash.jpg Shoulder-Grading.jpg Slipform3.JPG Flood1.JPG Austroads-Delamination-3.jpg Splitter-Island.jpg
Bikeway1.jpg hughes-road-floodway-2.JPG Alexandra_Park_Picnic_Shelter_behind_Fenery_038.jpg Major-Edge-Break.JPG Bundaberg-Ring-Road-Culvert.jpg Arts_Centre_002.jpg

Most of the photos in the photo library have been released to the public domain to make them easier to reuse.


I know that the wiki syntax tends to put some people off editing pages, but posting questions & comments to the forum is very straight forward.
The forum has gone a bit quiet of recent months, but if every member posted just one question each it would fire it up heaps, and you never know you might get a very good answer to your question.
Also don't forget that clicking the discuss button at the bottom of any page, starts a forum discussion about that page.

Council Pages

Every Council in Australia and New Zealand has a dedicated page, containing some basic general information. I have been trying to tidy them up a bit, but there is still a bit of work to do.


As of 31 July 2010, the site has been visited on more than 32,800 occasions and just under 150,000 pages have been viewed.



The site has 250+ members from all over Australia & New Zealand….


… and as the graph below shows, the number of members has been increasing steadily since the site was created.



The site is very easy to find using any of the major search engines. Typing "LGAM" into any of them should do the trick. What's more there are quite a few pages on the site that are now the No.1 Google search result for local government related terms.

Try typing any of the terms below into Google, and check out the results.

The Future of the Site

I hope that one day there will be at least one person from every Council Australia signed up to the site, and making contributions to it. I think if I can convince enough people of the site's potential to make that happen it will be an awesome resource for local government.

Other site features that have been set up, but not really used much yet are:

Once more people start to use the site, I think that the free job adds will start to take off, and hopefully save Councils a bit of money.

Please Visit

If you haven't visited the site in a while please visit again soon.

Thank you for your time.


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