Site Update

The Local Government & Municipal (LGAM) Knowledge Base is a free wiki-based website created for the use of and to promote collaboration between Local Councils, Water Authorities and associated organisations throughout Australia & New Zealand.

It contains 2400+ pages of information about local government related activities & issues, and it is growing steadily through the contributions of a wide range of Local Government people. (Staff from more than 70 Councils have contributed to the site so far.)

Australia's 550+ Councils are responsible for many common tasks & activities, and also face many similar challenges. It is hoped that this site & the culture of "open information sharing" that it encourages will help reduce the amount of "duplication of effort" & "wheel reinvention" that currently goes on, saving Councils both time & money.

It is planned to try & circulate an update about the site every six months or so, to let Councils know about the latest site developments, and to hopefully encourage more LG people to join the site and start contributing to it. If your Council doesn't want to be updated on the site please let me know and it will be removed it from the mailing list.
Below are a few site features that have been added or updated recently.


The site's glossary now contains definitions for more than 400 local government related terms. The glossary is automatically generated using the first paragraph of pages with the "definitions" tag. Where there is more than one common definition of a term, alternate definitions are given. Visitors to the site are encouraged to comment on definitions, and it is hoped that over time this will result in a set of definitions that accurately reflect the terminology used by a majority of councils.

There is also a list of acronyms that may be of interest.


The Local Government Calendar is a new feature that has yet to be developed very much. At the moment it is basically just a page to add links to local government related events.

Council Pages:

The site contains a page about every Australian & New Zealand Council. A typical page contains a locality plan, contact information, a corporate software list, a list of links to additional information about the council, a list of neighbouring councils and a brief description of the council. Where an official Council RSS news feed exists, the latest news about the Council is also available. The pages can be and are used to generate lists of Councils that are similar in some fashion. This makes it easy to find out (for example) which corporate software systems are being used by Councils in a given area.

Photo Library:

The photo library is another fairly new innovation. The idea is to upload photos of Council assets and activities, that may be of general interest to other Councils. One suggested use is a Visual Library for Asset Condition Rating, but they could be used when developing procedures & work practices, or for inclusion in Council reports, etc.

Site Usage:

As of 28 February, 9,589 different people had visited on a total of 16,701 occasions and viewed 104,604 pages. Currently more than 300 people visit the site each week.

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