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Traffic Sign - A traffic sign (also Traffic Control Sign) is a sign, board, plate, screen, or another device, whether or not illuminated, displaying words, figures, symbols or anything else to regulate, direct or warn road users.

Aerodrome Beacon - An Aerodrome Beacon is an aeronautical beacon used to indicate the location of an aerodrome from the air.

Wearing Surface - The wearing surface (also Wearing Course) is the top layer of a sealed road. It is specifically designed to resist abrasion from traffic and to minimise the entry of water.

Local Area Traffic Management - Local Area Traffic Management (LATM) is the use of physical devices, streetscaping treatments and other measures (including regulations and other non-physical measures) to influence vehicle operation, in order to create safer and more liveable local street.

Long Term Council Community Plan - A Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) is a comprehensive community based long term plan mandated by the New Zealand Local Government Act 2002.

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