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Spiral Cracking - Spiral cracking is a pipe failure mode. As the name suggests it presents as a crack that spirals around the circumference of a pipe.

Kerb Marker - A kerb marker is a plate or marker affixed to or embedded into a kerb or symbol painted on it, indicating the presence of an underground service crossing or in the road adjacent to that point.

Pedestrian Tunnel - [[include pedestrian-underpass]]

Barbecue - A Barbecue (also Barbeque & BBQ) is an outdoor cooking device often located in Council parks.

Sewer Maintenance Shaft - A Sewer Maintenance Shaft is a Sewer Access Point on a sewer between Sewer Maintenance Holes, larger than inspection openings, which provides equipment access but not person access to the sewer and which allows limited change of grade and/or direction; used where appropriate as an alternative to Sewer Maintenance Holes.

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