The site's Glossary contains more than 500 local government related definitions.


Asset Identification Label - An Asset Identification Label is an adhesive plastic tag that can be affixed to an asset to help identify it. The tags may or may not be bar coded.

Material Change of Use - Material change of use is a Town Planning term relating to a premises.

Impact On Environment - "Impact on environment" refers to the potential effects on the environment of any defective infrastructure e.g. sewer main or pump station overflow, as well as the effect of machinery necessary to rectify the defect, on the nearby surroundings. The environment can refer to parks, gardens, forests, fields or heritage listed infrastructure.

Kerb Inlet Pit - A kerb inlet pit is a stormwater pit located under or behind a section of kerb & channel with an opening and/or grate designed to allow stormwater to enter.

Thoroughfare - A thoroughfare is public street that is open to traffic at both ends.

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