The site's Glossary contains more than 500 local government related definitions.


Operational Works Decision Notice - An Operational Works Decision Notice is a document that details a Council's requirements under a planning scheme for any works carried out by developers and/or their contractors.

Creation/Acquisition Plan - A Creation/Acquisition Plan is a document that defines how an organisation decides when new assets need to be created and existing assets need to be upgraded, the projected cost of these works and the standards applicable to them. Construction/Acquisition Plans are often a section within an Asset Management Plan.

Flexible Pavement - A flexible pavement is a road pavement with a structure that deflects, or flexes, under loading. A flexible pavement structure is typically composed of several layers of material. Each layer receives the loads from the above layer, spreads them out, then passes on these loads to the next layer below.

Technical Service Level - A technical service level is a service level associated with the physical characteristics of an asset.

Depot - A depot is a facility used as an operating base for construction crews and other outdoor staff, and for the storage of goods, materials, plant & equipment.

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