Street Lighting

Street lighting is lighting designed to provide night time illumination for road users.

Street lights can be either Council or Electricity Company assets. Standard street lights are typically a power company asset, but non-standard lights are often a Council asset. In both Councils typically pay for the electricity costs associated with street lighting.

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Useful Life

The useful life of street lighting will vary considerably due to a range of environmental & other factors. A useful life of 30 years appears to be typical for the runways operated by the organisations listed below.

Please feel free to improve the table by adding your Council or organisation's information.

Asset Owner Adopted Life
Austroads 6 20 years
Brimbank City Council 35-50 years
Camden Council 30 years
Shoalhaven City Council 30 years
Whittlesea City Council 20 years
Wollondilly Shire Council 50 years

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