The Alloy Valve Stockist

Corporate overview

The Alloy Valve Stockist is a niche supplier and distributor of high-alloy, industrial valves aimed at corrosive petrochemical and other demanding processes. This European gate valve stockist operates out of its Barcelona, Spain corporate headquarters and warehouse, and was recognized as one of Spain's fastest growing businesses and valve distributors in 2011.

The company specialized in the supply of duplex valves and super duplex valves for desalination plants, alloy 20 valves for concentrated nitric acid service, monel valvulas for alkylation and oxygen service, inconel valves, incoloy valves and hastelloy valves for high-temperature applications, and zirconium valves for acetic acid and nuclear applications. They also supply titanium, 904L valves, 254 SMO valves, 6moly valves, uranus B6 valves for chlorine and slurry service.

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